Classes & Schedule


 January 2018 Schedule



Unleash the Beast:  This cardio class combines high energy cardio with strength exercises.  You will be pushed out of your cardio comfort level to “unleash your beast” (low impact options will be given for all high impact moves).

Pump It Up:  This hour long class will focus on strengthening all major muscles using body resistance/weights/bands, etc.  No cardio segments but you are guaranteed to sweat!

Power Hour: This hour long informal class will focus on strength training (8-12  reps/heavy weights).  

Double/Quad Step:  This advanced step class utilizes two  or four steps per person – you will be moving all around the steps!

Still Steppin’ Intermediate:  This step class is for steppers who still love step!  All combinations will consist of intermediate step choreography that will be thoroughly broken down!  Basic step terminology suggested!

Still Steppin’ Advanced:  This class is for experienced steppers who like fast paced choreography with minimal breakdown!

Athletic Yoga:  This class is for everyone and is designed for beginning and advanced athletes!  Kristy will offer a variety of options so you can find the pose that most suits you!  Mats are provided.

Boot Camp:  Anything goes with this format!  End your week with an energy packed format that will push your muscles to their max – bring water!

Abs:  This 10 minute classes focuses on strengthening your core using a variety of exercises and equipment!